Other Services

QuickBooks Recommendation/Setup | $300

Initial QuickBooks Recommendation/Setup to best match your business activities. For those day to day activities (eg. income/ expense/ inventories/ asset/ business mileage tracking). We can help you get started from the ground up. We will setup your chart of accounts, company information, banking information including online updates and much more.

QuickBooks Training | $150/hr.

We can train your in-house employees to properly update your current system, we can show you and your staff how to get the most out of what you have. Including trouble shooting of QuickBooks or support for generation of reports, and other functions within QuickBooks after initial setup.


We advise on Choice of Entity, New Business Formation and Entity Reorganizations. Choosing the right entity will reduce the risk that your business may devastate the economic well being of you and your family by managing the risk of personal liability.


We offer advance planning to minimize future taxes, advice on tax effects of proposed transactions. Tax reform has drastically altered tax compliance rules and regulations and the approach to tax planning. For this and other reasons, it is important that you stay actively involved in your tax planning.


When ever you encounter issues that you're are not quite sure how to approach or treat in your business activities, conducting tax research before the activities go in affect could save you lots of time, money, and headache at year end. For example, the most up-to-date sales tax rates. Expert analysis on a variety of international topics, how to treat outsourced contractors to other countries, or the tools for effective tax planning, we can make sure all your bases are covered. 

Business Consulting | $150/hr

Best practice recommendations for entity treatment,tracking, reporting. Recommendations on how to pay self/employees/partners within different business structures. recommendations on how to withdraw money out of business, within different business structures.

Contract Review for Assignment of Properties for RE Professionals | Price Varies

Contract review for required information for later tax reporting. Also, review to make sure that the wording of contracts does not create any unintended tax entities that will require more reporting then desired at year end. 



*Our fees are based upon the complexity of the work to be performed and our professional time needed to complete the work per required forms or schedules for your compliance requirements. Additionally, this fee is dependent on the timely delivery, availability, quality, and completeness of the information you provide us.
*Note that the prices are for our services only, and if any application fees, taxes, or penalties are due to the governing entities you will be notified and responsible for those charges seperately.
*Also, if required to come out to clients’ office a standard mileage rate will be charged for the miles
*Prices may change without notice.